3 Good Reasons to Add Caffeine to Your Daily Skincare Routine

For those of you coffee drinkers out there, you know the boost you get after just a few sips in the morning.  You feel brighter, more alert and awake, and you're ready to take on the day.

Well, caffeine in your skincare won't help you concentrate better; but it CAN, with regular use, give your skin a brighter appearance, as well as some other awesome benefits.

Here are 3 good reasons to add it to your skincare routine every morning:

1.  Caffeine contains antioxidants.  You may already know that berries and kale offer you antioxidant protection when consumed.  But caffeine contains antioxidants as well.

What do antioxidants actually do?  They can help protect you from some nasty "free radicals".  Free radicals open us up to all kinds of disease, and they're largely responsible for the fine lines and wrinkles that we'd love to hide!  Who knew?

2.  Caffeine in skincare products (such as soap or body butter), when used on a regular basis, can help dissolve fat cells beneath the surface.  According to an article written on Byrdie.com, Dr. Raymond Schep says that "topical application" of products containing caffeine "removes subdermal fat".

Using a soap or body butter with caffeine isn't going to shrink your size, but it can convert the fat cells to fatty acids to enhance removal.  I prefer to follow up with a dry brush technique that increases blood flow and stimulates the removal of the fatty layer, which also helps reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Win!

3.  Caffeine reduces puffiness and helps create glowing skin.  Let's say you just pulled an all nighter studying, or worked back to back double shifts, or just came back from a girls' weekend......those activities take their toll on you and show up all over your face!  Using a good soap with caffeine reduces the inflammation and under eye puffiness AND helps boost blood circulation so that your skin glows.

Bonus:  if your caffeine soap has coffee grounds for exfoliation, you'll be able to shed the dead skills on the surface of your skin, revealing the healthy skin underneath.  This will help you get the most from your day moisturizer AND you'll have an easier time applying your makeup.  You'll use less and it'll last longer.

So, coffee isn't just your go-to beverage anymore, but it's soon to become one of your best friends in skincare.  For videos related to this topic, be sure to follow me on Instagram at penelopechadwicksoaps.

Here's to LOVING your skin ~


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