Night Time Ritual Mineral Bath Soak
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Night Time Ritual Mineral Bath Soak

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Our Night-time Ritual mineral bath soak is a blend of Epsom (magnesium sulphate) to help with muscle soreness and stress reduction, and ground oatmeal, which helps to calm and soothe the skin from conditions such as eczema, poison ivy, and insect bites.


We use Lavender Essential Oil, which has been known to relieve the itching from insect bites, reduce inflammation, and provide a calming effect that can help with relaxation and sleep.


Epsom, Oatmeal Powder, Essential Oil of Lavender, Dried Lavender Buds.


Approximately 10 ounces.  Settling may occur during transit.


Dissolve approximately 2 tablespoons under warm, running bath water.  Take precautions when entering and exiting bathtub.  If skin irritation occurs, please discontinue use.  Not intended for use by children under the age of 2.  Pregnant women should consult a doctor before use.