Baby Soft Whipped Body Butter
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Baby Soft Whipped Body Butter

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Unlike lotion, whipped body butters can be absorbed deeply into the skin and last for hours.  This not only adds moisture, but creates a protective layer so that you hold onto the moisture you do have.  Baby Soft whipped body butter is not only hydrating and luscious, but its delicate scent is soothing and comforting.


This body butter features the delicate scent of baby powder.


Virgin Coconut Oil for hydration, Shea Butter for deep moisture and as an anti-inflammatory, Cocoa Butter to help reduce fine lines and improve skin health, Virgin Olive Oil, which is not only very hydrating and filled with vitamins, but also fights bacteria, Mica Minerals and Fragrance.


Each jar weighs approximately 8 ounces.


Whipped body butters can be used after a morning bath or shower, or right before bed.  If using after bath or shower, gently pat skin dry and apply a small amount to the skin.  Gently rub in a circular motion to allow for proper absorption.  May also be applied to hands before wearing spa gloves to bed.

Please keep away from eyes.  If product gets into eyes, flush with water and immediately seek medical attention.  Not meant for ingestion.  Please keep away from children.


If product begins to soften or melt due to high humidity in the bathroom, product can be stored in the refrigerator.