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There is not much that feels as peaceful and serene as the first, gently falling snow of the season.  Fresh powder is like a fresh canvas, full of hope and possibility.  Allow us to transport your senses to that feeling that everything in the world is fresh and new, including your skin!


This scent starts out with peppermint and a hint of clove, and then undertones of oranges and green apples.  The combination is crisp, clean and reminds you of the first snowfall of the Alpine skiing season.


Saponified Plant Oils, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Peppermint, Mica Minerals


Approximately 3.5 oz.  Because our artisan soaps are individually cut by hand, the actual weight may vary slightly.


Prior to its first use, consider placing your new soap in the linen closet to freshen up your towels and bedding.  Once you’re ready to unwrap your soap for the bath or shower, consider using a soap dish that allows for proper draining.  Remember to keep your new soap out of the steady stream of the shower, to ensure that it lasts much longer.

All of our soaps are proudly handcrafted for you in small batches, right here in our small soap studio in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, USA.  Because we care about our clients and your health and well-being, our soaps do NOT contain harsh chemicals, detergents or preservatives.  It’s just another way that we’re “raising the bar”.