GLOW Moisturizing Body Oil - ONE PEACH REMAINING
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GLOW Moisturizing Body Oil - ONE PEACH REMAINING

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Do you want to look cute in your summer shorts and sundresses?  Do you want to feel confident in your swim suit?  Well, before you show up, you've got to GLOW up!

After a day in the wind, pool, sun or ocean - your skin can be dried out and irritated.  GLOW moisturizing body oil is a luscious blend of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, and Vitamin E.  Comes in your choice of Mango or Peach.

Use any time you need some extra moisture, or want to show off your lovely summer, sun-kissed skin.  Time to get your GLOW on!!


This body butter features a delicious mango fragrance.


Vitamin E, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Either Mango or Peach Fragrance Oil.


Each bottle weighs approximately 2.2 oz.


Using the dropper, place oil directly on skin.  Great to use after exposure to wind, sun, chlorine, or salt water.  Topical use only.

Please keep away from eyes.  If product gets into eyes, flush with water and immediately seek medical attention.  Not meant for ingestion.  Please keep away from children.


For extra refreshing comfort, bottle may be stored in refrigerator.  Otherwise, store in cool, dry area.